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How to crack CAT 2019

Posted by : ExamNest on | Sep 11,2019

With the exam round the corner, anxiety and panic among students becomes common. In such a scenario, here are some foolproof tips to help you crack CAT 2019 exam and march successfully to India’s leading national law institutes.

CAT exam comprises of 200 questions to be attempted in 120 minutes or two hours. The stakes are high and competition is neck-to-neck, thus skills required are extraordinary. Below are some tips which can help you navigate through panic attacks, anxiety and most importantly exam stress.

Know your syllabus

The thumb rule to crack any exam is to be thorough with the syllabus of the exam. CAT Mock test exam comprises of 5 major sections of English, General Knowledge, Legal Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and Mathematics. Once you are well versed with the syllabus, half task is accomplished. Knowing the syllabus by heart helps you chart our your problem areas. The moment you are able to decipher your weak and strong areas, you would emerge victorious in CAT 2019.

Work on your shortcomings

After coming to terms with your shortcomings and weaknesses, start working on them. Chart out a detailed pathway to tread to overcome your shortcomings. As goes the famous phrase, nothing is impossible if you try hard, you will see that if in front of your dedication and confidence, your shortcomings will fall like a house of cards. But to know your weaknesses is important to crack <a href="http://www.examnest.com/cat/">CAT Mock Test Series</a> 2019.

Time Management

Once you are at terms with your strengths and weaknesses, you need to manage your time at hand. Manage your time with extreme caution and care because CAT exam tests your time management skills. Do not over-emphasize on either of your strengths and weaknesses; give both the sides equal time. Assess the time remaining in hand and design a time table accordingly. Utmost care should be taken to decide time allocation to subjects.

Stress Management

Anxiety attacks and panic are common during exam days. Owing to the neck-to-neck competition and ever increasing cut-offs, it is normal to have stress. However do not let that stress to take over yourself. Remind yourself daily that have the ability to crack CAT Online TEST series 2019 and begin the day fraught with enthusiasm.

Take expert advice

Last, but the most important tip is to take expert advice. In the sea of internet and google, loads of information is available on exam related topics. But be careful not to fall prey to any imposter or any bogus information. Choose your expert wisely. Having an expert by your side would help your tackle all your exam related queries. Examnest is one such expert advisor. It is an online portal which houses video lectures and has some most extensively researched test series. Ajay Sharma, the expert of Examnest has topped various competitive exams and has the right experience to guide you to the shore of NLUs and crack CAT 2019.



MBA is one of the most sought after degree in the country today and it offers the most lucrative and respectable jobs today. Consequently the number of aspirants have grown manifold over the years. CAT 2019 is your key to get into the world of business and earn your name in the field. CAT 2019 is just around the corner and one needs more focus than ever to crack one of the most prestigious exams of the county. Cracking this exam would open the gates of top IIMs in India and thus, its time to fasten your seatbelts to race through this journey.

CAT 2019 will comprise of Verbal ability, Reading comprehension, data interpretation, logical reasoning and quantitative aptitude. One has to be well versed with all the sections to secure admission into IIMs. It is important to work on each section and below are the tips which would help you do so.

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

Conquering these sections would require sticking to age old methods of reading and practicing. Read newspapers, magazines and other material provided online by various coaching centres to build you vocabulary. Strength of you vocabulary shall help you to crack CAT 2019 and these two sections without much pain. For reading comprehensions, your reading speed should be good and so should your comprehension. For this, there is only one mantra, practice.

Data interpretation

Relying on calculator may appear fascinating and easy, but the toppers have admitted that using calculator is more time consuming than self calculation. Thus, devote ample of time in improving your calculation speed and rely only on yourself.

Logical reasoning

While solving logical reasoning questions it is important to pay attention to your mistakes and chart out a pattern of your failures. Once you have done that, you need to work on them and make sure you do not repeat them in future.

Quantitative Aptitude

A student well versed with formulas and theory will find quantitative aptitude a garden walk. The secret to success in quantitative aptitude is thus command on theory and formula. That solely will help you sail through the CAT 2019 exam.

The most important tip however remains that of guidance. Students these days fall prey to false information and guides. The most valuable asset to crack CAT 2019 is to have an experienced advisor and guide. Examnest provides you that along with a lot more opportunities. Ajay Sharma, the mentor at Examnest has an experience of more than two decade now. He has himself topped CAT exam. This places him in the shoes of the students who are appearing for CAT 2019. Video lectures and comprehensive test series will help you work on all the above mentioned areas and make you a champion ready to pounce on your goal.



IPM is a very prestigious and sought after program among students. The IPM exam consists of two major sections of Mathematics and English, i.e. verbal ability and quantitative ability. There are 100 questions to be answered in two hours, 45 from Verbal and 75 from quantitative ability. The IPM program attracts thousand of aspirants every year making the competition stiff and tough. However, examnest presents you with some amazing tips to crack IPM exam.

Focus on Verbal ability

Students often ignore verbal ability in pursuit of quantitative aptitude. It is a major pitfall and one should avoid it. There should be equal importance given to both the sections. Regular reading habits will help you improve your vocabulary and crack the questions in a go.

Quantitative aptitude

Try to equip yourself with formulas and theory. Once you have fared well on that front, start practicing as much as you can. As goes the saying, practice makes a man perfect, practice hard. That is the sole secret to crack IPM exam.

Don’t try to attempt all questions

It is important to know which questions to answer and which ones you should leave aside. Pick up your strengths and ignore your weaknesses. The key to crack IPM is smart work.

Find a good coach

As coaching centres are mushrooming all around the country, education has become a business for people. But that doesn’t rule out the value of coaching institutes and coaches. Choose the correct coach with best experience, intelligence and ability. Examnest is one such coach which has helped a lot of students to attain their goal. It is a one stop solution for online IPM preparation with well researches mock test series. It has the most experienced faculty which can help you decipher your weak areas and accordingly help you work on them. You need to go beyond the classroom and indulge in preparation. Video lectures provided by Examnest and Ajay Sharma are the perfect solution to crack IPM exam.

Take mock tests

It is valuable to test your preparation by regular mock tests and analysis. Examnest provides you well researched mock tests and also equips you with great experiences faculty with whom you can discuss and analyse your performance and crack IPM exam. Ajay Sharma at examnest has himself cracked a lot of competitive exams. Such a person can provide you with the best guidance and help so that you can also crack IPM exam.